Google Chelsea Market Office

NYC Chelsea-Market

Google was one of the first major tech companies to open offices in New York City, fueling what has become since then a serious tech boom on the East Coast. According to the NY TImes, Sergey Brin, co-founder and president of technology, joked that it’s New York’s offices started out in 2000 from the UWS apartment of Tim Armstrong, now CEO and Chairman of AOL.

NYC Chelsea Market Office

Since then, it has expanded to two offices in NYC: at 111 Eighth Avenue, and 75 Ninth Ave, the Chelsea Market Office. The theme of Google’s Chelsea offices is “urban parks” — so there is a lot of exposed brick, dirty windows (with signs saying they are left dirty on purpose), graffiti font, metal and AstroTurf-ish grass. The company recently leased an additional 75,000 square feet in the building, where it already had 320,000 square feet.

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WeWork Soho West

WeWork Soho West

NYC is home to many coworking spaces. But WeWork is not your everyday ‘desk and a stool’ for rent. WeWork was already the fastest-growing lessee of new office space in New York and will become the fastest-growing lessee of new space in America in 2015. WeWork is the leader, by far, in a surging co-working space movement – worldwide.

Why? One of the members, Erik Martin – General Manager of Reddit explains it as follows: “You know how in movies and comics super villains always had these really cool secret bases, and inside they were always swarms of activity and specialists and grand plans? WeWork is just like that.”

The real perk is the community: WeWorkers network at weekly parties, members pitch their ideas at informal demo days and get free advice during office hours from willing outside partners. Handshake agreements and job referrals are made over the wagging tails of members’ dogs.

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